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NGINX Core Training

26 мая 2021 г.NGINX

26 и 27 мая компания F5 проводит бесплатное обучение NGINX, состоящее из двух частей, проводимое официальным тренером Университета NGINX, которое станет прочной основой для администрирования, настройки и управления NGINX с использованием передовых методов. Язык тренинга - английский

There’s never been a better time than now to upskill yourself. As such, F5 is offering a complimentary 2-part NGINX Core Training conducted by an official NGINX University trainer on May 26 and 27. Whether you are new to NGINX, starting your first NGINX project, or refining your DevOps skills, this 2-part virtual training* will give you a solid foundation to administer, configure, and manage NGINX using best practices. NGINX Core is also a pre-requisite to the Advanced training Modules available in NGINX University. Join us in this webinar to learn:

NGINX Core Training - Part 1

NGINX Core Training - Part 2

Intro to NGINX

  • Use cases and benefits
  • Overview of architectures

Basic configuration

  • nginx.conf and configuration structure
  • Directives, blocks and context

NGINX as a web server

  • Configuring an HTTP server
  • Server selection
  • Location context and processing

Using Variables

  • Using variables in various directives


  • Setting up error and access logs

NGINX as a reverse proxy

  • proxy_pass directive and behaviour
  • preserving the client IP address

Defining custom variables

  • Using maps

NGINX as a load balancer

  • Basic road robin load balancing configuration
  • Load balancing techniques, including Hash, IP Hash, Least connections


  • Enabling the API
  • Accessing the NGINX Plus dashboard

Health Checks

  • Configure a basic health check to monitor upstream servers


  • Cache responses from upstream servers

Encrypting traffic

  • SSL termination
  • Setup a server over HTTPS
NGINX Core Training
Date: May 26(Wednesday) - 27(Thursday)
Time: 10:00am - 12:00am BST;
11:00am - 1:00pm CEST;
12:00 PM MSK

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