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14 2022 .extreme

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Dear partner,

All the best in2022year! Were here tohelp you navigate insome important events, activities ordocuments, which you might missed during these days. This week wewould like tohighlight:

  • Headline: Extreme Networks Update onPrioritization ofShipments
  • Recommended: Existing Ipanema Partners: Ipanema SD-WAN Integration Update
  • Access Open Book and End ofSale Announcements
  • Extreme Networks Training onLinkedIn
  • Dont Forget SPIFFs for Extreme Partner Communities Available
  • Program Update for Authorized Partners
  • News and Industry Spotlights
  • Story:What will 2022 bring tothe networking game?
  • Upcoming webinar: Know Your Workers: Delivering Consumer-Centric Outcomes &ExtremeDemo Live Sessions on January 19th
  • On-Demand webinars: Check new content inthe newsletter

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This NEEWeekly Headline

Extreme Networks Update onPrioritization ofShipments

Given the global supply chain challenges weare all experiencing, wed like toprovide the latest Extreme Networks guidance onthe prioritization ofshipments.

Shipments will bemade tothe customers that Accept Partial shipment terms, with the remaining shipments occurring when hardware becomes available. Please beaware that orders with NoPartials shipment terms will not have inventory held and/or aggregated and could therefore bedelayed.

Weare working with our distributors toestablish more efficient processes, and weencourage our distributors and resellers toaccept partial shipments.

Services will not beimpacted negatively; services will begin after the last shipment ofanorder with the option torequest toextend the start date by90days after shipment iscomplete.

Please work with your customers and distributor toallow partial shipment onyour orders.

Questions? Please contact your distributor.

Recommended byNEEWeekly

Existing Ipanema Partners: Ipanema SD-WAN Integration Update

Weve reached anew milestone inthe integration ofthe Ipanema business. Weare pleased toannounce that Ipanemas products will betransferred onto Extreme Networks systems effective January17, 2022. This means that the Ipanema SKUs will bevisible onthe price files, with some restrictions. For example, legacy Ipanema products are only orderable for specific customer projects and not intended tobeheld asstock items.

Legacy Extreme Partners: ifyou have any questions orhave anSD-WAN opportunity, please send anemail to AcquisitionsIssuesSales@extremenetworks.com.

Key Stories toCheck

Access Open Book and End ofSale Announcements

Ifyou have questions about Hardware Lead-Time updates, Open Book Announcements, and/or End ofSale Announcements, please work directly with your distributor orpartner account manager.

Extreme Networks Training onLinkedIn

Weve created aLinkedIn page designed specifically tohelp you stay uptodate inthis ever-evolving industry. On the new Extreme Networks Training page, well besharing the latest information onALL Extreme Networks Training programs such asthe Welcome Series, Extreme Academy, Extreme Certified Specialists, and somuch more. Follow the page toget notified when new educational content isposted!

Dont Forget SPIFFs for Extreme Partner Communities Available

The SPIFF Programs are exclusive for Extreme Partner Community members, Extreme Champions and Heroes. Below are the programs available now:

  • Dollar for Deals SPIFF: Sell Extreme Portfolio into new customer account and earn arebate upto$1,000 per deal.
  • Cloud Subscription SPIFF: Sell aminimum threshold ofeligible Cloud Subscription SKUs inadeal and earn arebate upto$1,500 per deal.

Not anExtreme Champion orHero yet? JOIN NOW togain access tothese exclusive SPIFFs and get rewarded.

Program Update for Authorized Partners

Asstated inthe Partner Program Guide, effective January1, 2022, partners with nosales activity within the last 12months will have limited access toour partner portal and program tools. Affected Partners will benotified individually with instructions for easy re-engagement.

News and Industry Spotlights

Level upyour brand tohelp drive momentum toyour business byleveraging our recent wins and accolades alongside your promotional efforts:

Story: What will 2022 bring tothe networking game?

Another year, another exciting time for the industry. What trends will likely impact the way wedesign, build and useIT networks inthe era ofInfinite Enterprise? Weasked some ofthe top minds atExtreme for their tech predictions for 2022!

Read full story HERE.

Upcoming webinars

ExtremeDemo Live Sessions

Wehave revamped our weekly ExtremeCloud IQdemos tocover the full portfolio ofcloud-managed networks. Invite your customers and prospects toJOIN USfor one ofour many ExtremeLive demo sessions.
Wednesday, January 19at 11:00am CET visit the International schedule toREGISTER.

Know Your Workers: Delivering Consumer-Centric Outcomes

Joinus for the final part ofthis 3-part webinar series, focusing onthe third tenet ofthe Infinite Enterprise: delivering consumer-centric outcomes.

REGISTER NOW: January19, 2022 @ 8:00pm CET

On-Demand webinars/ events

Meet the New Extreme 5420 Series Universal Switches

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