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Extremes Partner Newsletter

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Extremes Partner Newsletter

Get toKnow Your New Global Channel and Technical Leadership

Extremes Partner Newsletter

Welcome, Scott Peterson, SVP, Global Channel Sales

Though new toExtreme, Scott isaproven industry leader with 20+years ofexperience intechnology sales, including his role asCRO atMitel and his 15years ofexperience atVerizon.

AsSenior Vice President ofGlobal Channel Sales, Scott will beresponsible for driving growth inExtremes global channel program and partner go-to-market strategy. Hewill beintegral inhelpingus transition the company toaSaaS business.

Congratulations, Mark Dellavalle, SVP, Global Systems Engineering

Mark joined Extreme in2019as part ofthe Aerohive acquisition and has 30+years ofexperience insystems and sales engineering, including his multiple global leadership roles atCisco. Hehas extensive knowledge ofour markets and knows how toeffectively solve customer challenges.

AsSenior Vice President ofGlobal Systems Engineering, Mark will lead the systems engineering team further strengthening Extremes industry-leading team oftrusted technical advisors.

Dont Let Funding Constraints Delay Sales, Leverage Extreme Capital Solutions

Funding orbudget constraints shouldnt delay your customers orders. Extreme Capital Solutions can customize a financial plan that supports your customers business strategies and financial requirements. Our acquisition models enable users tomaximize cash flow over the lifetime ofthe agreement, preserve capital budget for other projects, and pay for network capacity asthey consumeit.

Drive revenue with our new, global offers:

Extreme Capital Solutions also offers Extreme Network Subscriptions, giving the customer the ability totightly align their network infrastructure capacity onand off premise and in the cloud.

Reach out tothe Extreme Capital Solutions team via PartnerEngage tolearn more


Start the year off with an #ExtremeBigBang! Werecently announced two new multiyear technology partnerships with the National Hockey League and Manchester United. And once again, for the NINTH consecutive year, Extreme is set tokick off another Super Bowl asthe Official Wi-Fi Analytics Provider!

Get equipped with all ofthe latest and greatest information onour Sports Partnerships landing page on PartnerEngage. Make sure toleverage the Partner Toolkit tohelp you level upyour brand and go-to-market with these exciting announcements!

For each global sports organization ( Manchester United, NFL, NHL, NASCAR, MLB ), the Partner Toolkit includes:

  • Our story and releases
  • Approved social media posts + images
  • Zoom backgrounds
  • Sport logo usage terms

There has never been abetter time tobeapart ofthe Extreme Networks family.

Adjusted Discounting and Pricing

Discounts have been adjusted for XIQ and SD-WAN subscriptions effective January 17th, 2022. These changes are global and effect all regions. Download the FAQs wehave prepared for you below:

FAQ for XIQ Discounting and Pricing

Please reach out toyour local distributor for detailed discount information

Latest SD-WAN Updates and Webinar

Head tothe new SD-WAN page onour website for more information, including:

  • See the benefits ofSD-WAN
  • Learn about SD-WAN and Total Cost ofOwnership (TOC)
  • Watch this video ofDan Dulac, VPofSolutions Strategy atExtreme, discussing the value SD-WAN brings to customers networks.

Make sure totune inand invite your customers toour Enterprise SD-WAN in2022 and Beyond Webinar onFebruary 15and 17, 2022.

Catch UpWith This Weeks Extreme Partner Town Hall

These are updates you donot want tomiss! Listen tolatest news from Extremes leadership team about key announcements, our last quarters financial results, supply chain updates, and more.

Access the recording and slides here.

  • Closed captioning available soon inthe following languages: English, Japanese, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, German, French, &Portuguese.

Ifyou were able tojoin, letus know your thoughts. Take our 30-second survey. The first 50 respondents get a$20 gift card!

Save the Date: 2022 Extreme Connect User Conference

In-Person Option:

You and your customers are invited tojoinus inNashville, Tennessee from June 6 9, 2022 for a jam-packed agenda featuring technical breakouts, demos, pre-conference certification training, keynotes, executive engagement, entertainment, and more!

Virtual Option:

Were also hosting anexpress virtual option with keynotes and short, curated technical breakouts which you can enjoy from wherever you are inthe Infinite Enterprise onJune7.

Registration for the in-person and virtual programs will open inMarch. Please expect anemail with more details and Partner FAQs soon. You and your customers can sign uptoreceive more information.

[USOnly] Stake aClaim inthe $550B Infrastructure Funding Bill

Have you heard the groundbreaking news surrounding the U.S. Infrastructure Bill? Join the Extreme Networks Grant Services Team tolearn about the current Infrastructure Bills grant opportunities and strategies that will help your customers win funding.

Get infront ofyour customers now sothey can secure their share ofthe funds and meet their digital transformation goals. Winning agrant comes with many regulations, rules, and activities let Extreme help you and your customers navigate this process successfully.

Register today and invite your customers tothis informative event!

Continued Supply Chain Updates

Extreme Networks Update onPrioritization ofShipments

Given the global supply chain challenges weare all experiencing, wed like toprovide the latest Extreme Networks guidance onthe prioritization ofshipments.

Shipments will bemade tothe customers that Accept Partial shipment terms, with the remaining shipments occurring when hardware becomes available. Please beaware that orders with NoPartials shipment terms will not have inventory held and/or aggregated and could therefore bedelayed.

Weare working with our distributors toestablish more efficient processes, and weencourage our distributors and resellers toccept partial shipments.

Services will not beimpacted negatively; services will begin after the last shipment ofanorder with the option torequest toextend the start date by90days after shipment iscomplete.

Please work with your customers and distributor toallow partial shipment onyour orders.

Questions? Please contact your distributor.

Keep Your Customers Informed About Supply Chain Constraints

Ifyour customers would like anupdate onwhere weand our industry stand with regards toour supply chain challenges, please reach out toyour PAM orDPAM for acustomized letter from Extreme Networks.

Access Open Book and End ofSale Announcements

Ifyou have questions about Hardware Lead-Time updates, Open Book Announcements, and/or End ofSale Announcements, please work directly with your distributor orpartner account manager.

Training Resources

Use the QRCode toEasily Access Extreme Training Content

Extremes Partner Newsletter

Weve created aLinkedIn page designed specifically tohelp you stay uptodate inthis ever-evolving industry. On the new Extreme Networks Training page, well besharing the latest information onALL Extreme Networks Training programs such asthe Welcome Series, Extreme Academy, Extreme Certified Specialists, and somuch more.

Ifyou havent already, follow the page toget notified when new educational content isposted!

Your Extreme Sales Specialist (ESS) Certification Has Been Extended

AsExtreme continues togrow, wecontinue toinvest innew training and sales enablement programs. Aspart ofthe curriculum development plans, weare reviewing the Extreme Sales Specialist (ESS) program, toensure you remain compliant for partner programs. Wehave automatically extended your existing ESS certification for 6months from the month that the recertification was due.

This 6-month extension isviewable onyour Dojo profile page. Weexpect toannounce the replacement ofthe ESS program inearly 2022 when normal recertification will commence.

New Extreme Certified Specialist (ECS) Certification Training Course Coming Soon

Extreme Training ispleased toannounce the release ofthe Extreme Campus Controller Deploy and Manage ECS Certification Training Course. Dates will bepublished byour Authorized Training Partners shortly. Keep checking for dates and release ofnew courses.

Questions? Learn@extremenetworks.com.

Updates toExtreme Design Specialist (EDS) Partner Training

The Extreme Design Specialist (EDS) training content iscurrently under review. Asaresult, all expiring EDS certifications will automatically beextended byanother year prior totheir anniversary date.

Ifyou have any questions, please contact Partner Programs here.

TODAY: Latest Extreme Academy Live Class Premieres!

Our current Extreme Academy Live course, Building Scalable and Mission Critical Networks, isstreaming live today, February3, 2022. Register for the course and catch uponthe previous sessions via the Extreme Networks YouTube Channel!

Extreme Academy Live courses are globally live streamed classes that are available free ofcharge and lead toan industry certification which will help you and your customers stand out from the crowd asyou develop your career.

Register Here

Marketing Campaigns

Step-by-Step Processes toWin E-Rate Business

Extreme isatop player inthe networking industry for E-Rate business and weknow itinside and out! Partner withus and find all the resources you need tohave asuccessful E-Rate 2022 season inour newest E-Rate Partner Playbook.

Participate and Win BIG inthe NEW E-Rate Partner Showdown

Now through July29, 2022, Extreme partners inthe U.S. that score the most net-new E-Rate logos will have the chance towin tickets tothe 2023 All-Star Game, travel vouchers, your choice ofseasonal premium NFL and MLB tickets, and more!

Visit PartnerEngagefor full details onhow toget inthe game.

Why Wi-Fi 6/6E isaGame Changer for Your Business

Learn what Wi-Fi 6Eisbringing toWi-Fi technology and what this means for your customers. Here are additional resources tosupport you asyou assist customers inbuilding the future ofwireless networks with Wi-Fi 6E:

Visit PartnerEngage tolearn more

Interested inHosting anInfinite Enterprise Lunch and Learn?

The pandemic accelerated achange inthe way the world operates infar reaching ways that touched how we communicate, shop, learn, and work. Asyour customers continue tonavigate through these times, help them advance bysatisfying their new expectations, ensuring business continuity, and reaching their users wherever they are.

With this Infinite Enterprise campaign inPMCC, you will beable tohost your own virtual orin-person event. If youd like help getting started, emailus atpartnermarketing@extremenetworks.com.

Access additional resources onPartner Engage tohelp you further engage with your customers asthey embark on their Infinite Enterprise journey.

2Months Left: Close onState and Local Government Opportunities

Now through March31, 2022, partners can participate inour Net-New Logos inState and Local Government program to earn points and cash them infor great prizes.

Tolearn more about this incentive and how you can get rewarded, view our flyer orgohere.

3Unique Ways toParticipate and Earn Points:

  • Submit aDeal Registration for anew State and Local Government opportunity
  • Migrate aState and Local Government customer toExtremeCloudIQ (from XMCor AHClassic)
  • Win and close aState and Local Government opportunity

Questions? Please reach out topartnermarketing@extremenetworks.com.

Partner Program Updates and Incentives

Become anExtreme Champion orHero and Enjoy the Benefits!

When you become anExtreme Champion orHero, you get exclusive access toLIVE and on-demand training events as well asawide range ofbenefits and promotions specifically created torecognize and reward individuals!

Extremes Partner Newsletter

Join the community today!

Dont Forget SPIFFs for Extreme Partner Communities Available

The SPIFF Programs are exclusive for Extreme Partner Community members, Extreme Champions and Heroes. Below are the programs available now:

  • Dollar for Deals SPIFF: Sell Extreme Portfolio into new customer account and earn arebate upto$1,000 per deal.
  • Cloud Subscription SPIFF: Sell aminimum threshold ofeligible Cloud Subscription SKUs inadeal and earn a rebate upto$1,500 per deal.

Not anExtreme Champion orHero yet? Join now togain access tothese exclusive SPIFFs and get rewarded.

Save Time Using Automatic Quote Creation With Channel Self-Service

With Extreme Quick Quote, users can create acertified configuration inIRIS and integrate itwith Extreme Channel Self-Service. This capability isavailable for all users that have been authorized with Extreme Networks pricing inIRIS.

Access IRIS EQQ User Guide and get more information onChannel Self-Service via PartnerEngage.

Ipanema Business Integration Update

Existing Ipanema Partners: Asareminder, Ipanemas products have transferred onto Extreme Networks systems effective January17, 2022. This means that the Ipanema SKUs are visible onthe price files, with some restrictions.

Legacy Extreme Partners: Ifyou have any questions orhave anSD-WAN opportunity, please send anemail toAcquisitionsIssuesSales@extremenetworks.com.

Support and Services

Extreme Support Portal Services

Have asupport question? Need totalk with one ofour GTAC experts oropen acase? Just head over toour Extreme Support Portal tofind everything toaddress your support needs.

Get News and Updates with Extremes Mobile App: Partner E360

Ifyou havent already downloaded the