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Get Free Yeastar Remote Management Connections

3 марта 2022 г.yeastar

С 3 марта по 30 июня компания Yeastar предлагает получить дополнительный бонус в виде бесплатных подключений Yeastar Remote Management. Подробности — на Партнерском Портале .

Dear Partners,

By introducing Yeastar license plans to your customers, you can now get extra bonus of free Yeastar Remote Management connections. Here is the rule:

Offer Brief

One Yeastar license enablement (free trial or commercial) during Mar. 3 to Jun. 30, 2022 to get one free Remote Management connection. Quantity Unlimited.

Eligible License

1. S-Series PBX: Linkus Cloud Service
2. P-Series Appliance Edition: Enterprise/Ultimate Plan

Eligible Device

PBXs that haven’t enabled or subscribed to the stated Yeastar license before.

For more details, please go to Yeastar Partner Portal. We’ve released a new «Offer & Activity» center in the portal, so you can get almost all the latest special offers easily.

Go to Partner Portal

How to Take the Offer:

Important: the form must be submitted before the license you enabled expires. Otherwise, the submission will be rejected.

Take it Now

The offer will require you to login your Yeastar Partner Portal account first. Don’t have an account yet? Simply apply here.

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