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Вебинар AppDynamics «От мониторинга к наблюдаемости: как развивались подходы, и что дальше»

30 июня 2021 г.appDynamics

30 июня состоится живой вебинар и интерактивная сессия вопросов и ответов, которую проводит Эрван Паккард, директор по технологической стратегии AppDynamics. Язык мероприятия - английский

The COVID-19 pandemic has further accelerated the shift to digital-first business models. Now more than ever, we rely on applications to help us shop, work, learn and exercise.

To keep pace with this historic level of innovation and transformation, enterprises have adapted and adopted cloud technologies such as microservices, containers and serverless computing on a large scale. But these modern ecosystems bring with them overwhelming data noise and crippling complexity. And the pressure to consistently deliver world-class application and digital service performance is only increasing.

Join this webinar and live Q&A session hosted by Erwan Paccard, AppDynamics Director of Technology Strategy, to explore:

  • How monitoring approaches have evolved over the past decade
  • Where we are today and the emergence of observability
  • The need to observe what matters and align technology with customer and business outcomes
From monitoring to observability: How approaches evolved and what‘s next
Date: Wednesday, June 30 at
Time: 10AM (PDT) / 1PM (EDT)
Speaker: Erwan Paccard, Director of Technology Strategy, AppDynamics
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