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July Webinar Schedule for Avaya OneCloud Solutions

Reminder, register for July sales and partner webinars soyou can learn how toposition the benefits ofAvaya OneCloud solutions. Register for the sessions that are appropriate for your role and get the latest solution updates, market trends, and assets.

Avaya and Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Strategic Partnership

July 19
11:00AM SGT
1:00PM GMT

Strengthen your Avaya OneCloud Opportunities with Digital Age Networking Solutions: Through this partnership, Avaya will offer Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise Digital Age Networking solutions covering the full spectrum ofenterprise wired and wireless technologies with advanced cloud platform services. Get the inside scoop onhow this partnership will help drive new revenue opportunities for you.

Avaya OneCloud

July 12
11:00AM SGT
12:00PM GMT
Sales &Partners

Quarterly Programs &Offers: Joinus for aroundtable that introduces the latest promotions and programs toexpand your CYQ3opportunities:

  • Quarterly promotions that deliver the best value for Avaya OneCloud CCaaS and Avaya Cloud Office solutions
  • The advantages ofpositioning Avaya Hardware asaService for Enterprise and Avaya OneCloud Private customers
  • Preparing the remote and hybrid workforce, and other new ways tooffer more complete solutions and grow deal size

July 21
5:00PM GMT
Sales &Partners

Avaya OneCloud Solutions Ask the Experts: Engage with our experts during this live 45-minute call toget the answers you need tostay ahead ofthe competition

  • Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services
  • Avaya Hardware asaService

Avaya OneCloud UCaaS

July 14
11:00AM SGT
4:00PM GMT
Sales &Partners

Upsell your Subscription Customers with Hybrid Cloud: This isthe first inaseries, where we discuss how you can stay sticky with your contact center subscription customers byintroducing Avayas hybrid cloud solutions totheir ecosystem. Each session will feature asolution that can drive new revenue for you, westart with Spaces Learning afully integrated digital teaching and learning experience platform.

July 26
11:00AM SGT
4:00PM GMT
Sales &Pre-sales

Avaya OneCloud Ultimate User Experience: Doyou know the differences and benefits between Avaya Workplace and Avaya Spaces user experiences and understand which solution isbest for your customers? Joinus for adeep dive into these two user experiences

July 27
4:30PM SGT
8:30AM GMT
Sales,Partners, Agents

July 2022 Avaya Cloud Office Enablement Event: Please joinus onthis Avaya Cloud Office monthly update webinar. You will hear from our experts onthe latest news and functionality, technical updates, roadmap, promotions and more. This isagreat opportunity for you toengage with our experts toget the answers you need.

Sales &Partners

Take Action toAvoid aService-Impacting Event with Avaya Aura Application Enablement Services: Customers with AES intheir network must have the AES Update Script applied before 23August 2022. Read the PSN for further details and watch the on-demand recording that explains your next steps.

Avaya OneCloud CCaaS

July 20
11:00AM SGT
4:00PM GMT
Sales &Partners

Avaya Workforce Engagement for Avaya OneCloud Private: Introducing anew Avaya-branded Verint hosted workforce engagement offer for Avaya OneCloud Private, starting August 2022. Join this webinar to learn about the solutions you can upsell toexisting customers and expand opportunities you are working. Dont miss this chance toget familiar with the applications toincrease your revenue stream.

Sales &Partners

Sales Success Story using Avaya OneCloud CCaaS Seeding Program: Tune intothis 10-minute sales video and learn how Denise Celaya, formerly Avaya Cloud Sales Specialist and now Customer Experience Marketing Manager, used the CCaaS Seeding and Customer Reference Program tosecure Paradigm Treatment Center. Denise explains the customers needs, shares best practices, and tips you can use right away!

Sales &Partners

Heres How &Why Avaya OneCloud CCaaS CRM Integrations Boosts Productivity &Improves Experiences: Organizations can empower employees toserve voice and digital customer interactions within leading CRM systems such asSalesforce and Microsoft Dynamics. This enables employees togain complete control and boost efficiencies over each interaction voice, email, messaging, chat using click-to-dial, alerts, activity logs, digital interaction transcripts and much more.

Tune into this on-demand session and hear Brian Baumgart, Avaya Distinguished Solution Consultant, review the capabilities and requirements ofAvaya OneCloud CCaaS CRM integrations, better equipping you for customer meetings.

Share your Avaya customer success and we will provide a platform for you to celebrate it with the world.


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